Full name: Hoshino Airi (星野愛理)

About Hoshino Airi:

Hoshino Airi is simple girl with a heart of gold. She grew up in America till the age of 10, her parents decide to move to Japan because of her father’s work. So she is now a resident of Japan, however she comes back to America to visit her mother’s family quite often. You might see her at the beach along the coasts of California.

Hoshino is currently attending a very prestigious cooking school where is specializing in the art of making deserts. Although her deserts are always tasty, she needs a little help in making them look fancy on the plate.

Character traits: clumsy, cheerful, a bit shy but she is also a very brave girl. She also loves small animals, especially cats.

Favorite places: pool, park, her kitchen, karaoke

Hobbies (Things she is good at): Cooking, baking, (She tends to mess up a lot but the food always come out tasty! But they may not look as pretty… ^^; ) swimming, dancing (random cute dances she come up with while she hums random melody when she is cooking), singing karaoke! (She is a good singer! :D )

'Things she is not very good at: Sewing, drawing, any other sports other than swimming. Dislike: Greedy, stalkers, arrogant and dishonesty. (aka liers), insects, gloomy days.

Loves: Cats, strawberry shortcake, cream puffs and milk. (It does a body good!), black tea in the afternoon(red tea in asia) with her favorite sweets.

Birthday: March 26th (Aries)

Blood Type: O

Nationality: ½ American ½ Japanese. Mother American, Father Japanese.

Artist: Mugi Bunny (http://mugibunny.deviantart.com)

Voice: Sarah Cawelti


Gesture Map


  • Arms:
    • Watch me Swan Dive.
    • I better put lotion on before I get crispy.
    • I forgot my picnic basket.
  • Stomoach:
    • Belly flop!
    • Time to digest before I go for a swim.
    • Anyone up for some boogie boarding?
  • Face/Hair
    • I love cute kittens!
    • Are we there yet?
    • Can we go to the beach already?
  • Legs:
    • EEWWW I hate bugs.
    • It’s a great day for a swim.
    • Hey lets go to the beach!
  • Push too many times:
    • Yawn


  • Arms:
    • I hope it's sunny like this every day
    • Was that a dolphin?
    • Last one in is a rotten egg!
  • Face:
    • That lifeguard was a cutie
    • I need some sunglasses
    • I love the sun
  • Legs:
    • Surf's up!
    • Race you to the water.
    • I better get out of the water before I get all pruny.
  • Stomach:
    • Come on everybody let’s make a sand castle.
    • I could use a lemonade.
    • I could use a strawberry milk shake.


  • Idle:
    • Yawn
    • Hey hi hello?!
  • Shake:
    • I’m getting Dizzy.
    • GASP! You made me spill my milkshake.

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