Full Name: Lulu Imura

About Lulu Imura:

This young up and coming talent is Lulu Imura. Although born in Japan, her family had moved to the United States when she was very young. Even at an early age, Lulu had always been drawn to music. Her first toy was a fake guitar. At the age of 9, Lulu’s parents hired a private music teacher. According to Mrs. Imura, “If my girl was going to learn music, I wanted to make sure that she learned it correctly!”

Now 19 years old, Lulu spends time trying to balance a hectic schedule of friends, boys, college, and most importantly, music. She furiously chases after her dream of becoming a rock goddess by performing any chance she gets.

Age: 19

Astronomical Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Foods: Cheese Burgers and Warm Soup on a Cold Day.

Favorite Music: Rock and Roll

Favorite Color: Blue

Artist: Beth Cawelti (www.caweltiart.com)

Voice: Jen Negri


Gesture Map


  • Arms:
    • Don’t you wish your Girlfriend would Rock like me?
    • My fans are the greatest.
    • What is your favorite song?
  • Face/Hair
    • Awwww, are you my biggest fan?
    • Be sure to buy my album ok?
    • Cool!
  • Stomach:
    • Practicing makes me hungry!
    • Is everyone crazy or is it just me?
    • I got the hottest rythms.
  • Legs:
    • I’m gonna be famous some day.
    • You can be my groupy.
    • I dedicate this song to you.
  • Guitar:
    • Three Different Strums.


  • Arms:
    • Music is my world!
    • Will you Sing with me?
    • Hey! I know Kung fu!
  • Stomach:
    • OOO my strings are going to get out of tune.
    • Something smells funky.
    • Sound check in five minutes.
  • Face:
    • Wow those lights are bright!
    • I need my hair to be perfect for my next video.
    • OOOHHHH.
  • Legs:
    • That’s so awesome!
    • I love being on stage!


  • Welcome:
    • Ready, Set, Rock!
  • Idle:
    • I’m waiting!
    • La, La La Laaaaa.
    • Ignoring me doesn’t rock at all.
  • Shake:
    • I ‘m getting a headache!
    • There goes my hair!

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